Healing Hands Thai Massage



Traditional Thai Massage

Your vitality is restored as slow, rhythmic compressions and stretches are administered (without oil) along the body’s energy lines.

60/90/120 minutes $99/$139/$189

Royal Thai Oil Massage

The combination of muscle compression and exotic healing scents puts your body and mind into a heavenly state of rest. Tension melts, aches disappear and mobility is restored to problem areas.

60/90/120 minutes $99/$139/$189

Remedial Massage

During this massage, your therapist focuses specifically on areas of discomfort. A combination of deep and gentle massage and passive stretching relieves tension in muscles, eliminates knots and restores full movement to tendons.

60/90/120 minutes $99/$139/$189

Sports Massage and Deep Tissue Massage

This deep tissue massage works with passive stretching to maximize results for physically active people. The massage prepares and stimulates the primary muscle groups used during most physical activity and increases range of motion.

60/90/120 minutes $99/$139/$189

Swedish Massage

Thai people recognize the benefits of international massage techniques including the Swedish massage. During this massage your muscles will relax as pressure is applied deeply and movements follow the direction of blood flow to your heart.

60/90/120 minutes $99/$139/$189

Jet Lag Massage

The inconvenience of Jet-lag and sore muscles is hard to avoid. Our special treatment of a massage to re- oxygize the body with the benefit of an aromatherapy treatment will have you feeling renewed and energized.

120 minutes $189

Work Stress Massage

For tight or painful muscles, repetitive strain, and postural problems from work stress we recommend our deep tissue massage that focuses on realigning deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue. You will soon be ready for work again.

90 minutes $139

Exotic Experience - body Scrub and Massage

This exotic body exfoliation and massage treatment will leave your skin feeling silky smooth and relaxed. Includes soothing body polish and a Traditional Thai or Royal Thai Oil Massage.

60/90/120 minutes $109/$149/$199

Traditional Thai Massage centres on the bodies 10 senor energy lines, which extend the entire length of the body. Developed by Buddhist monks and practiced in Thailand for over two millennia, a Traditional Thai massage will heal and envigorate your body and soul. Enjoy a HealingHands Authentic Traditional Thai massage on your next visit, for bookings call or book online.



Signature Facial Spa

Your experienced therapist will analyze your skin and prescribe treatments especially for you along with a luxurious face and neck massage.

60 minutes $99

0rganic Sea Salt Body Scrub

Ideal for removing dead skin cells, this invigorating exfoliating treatment uses a mix of pre-blended essential oils and sea salt that will leave your skin feeling soft and revitalized.

60 min / $119

Express Spa Facial

A cleansing facial to offer a quick pick me up using a selection of cold pressed plant oils, natural botanicals and a hydrating infusion of aromatic essential oils.

30 minutes $59

Thai Herbal Compress

The hot compresses are idial for alleviating body aches and pains, it includes a deep relaxation oil massage.

60 minutes $99


Thai Reflexology Foot Massage

Specific reflex points are stimulated in order to aid in your overall health and vitality. A wooden peg like device (sen stick) is also used on specific points on your sole to benefit the rest of your body.

60/90/120 minutes $99/$139/$189

Hand Paraffin Treatment

A relaxing hand treatment that will follow you throughout the day. Paraffin Hand Treatment offers therapeutic benefits such as increased circulation, relief of joint pain and improved skin colour while leaving your hands smooth and soft.

30 minutes $59